The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Navigator™

Do you understand how to avoid the 9% penalty and instead maximize your MIPS bonus? Would you like an easy way to make a MIPS plan specific to your practice? There is a solution – the MIPS Navigator™! You do not need to try to decipher hundreds of pages of dense regulations or listen to another MIPS webinar that isn’t specific enough to help you make the choices you need for your practice! Click here to buy now!

MIPS Navigator™ is an on-line tool that empowers individual clinicians or practice administrators to quickly and easily sort through the various MIPS alternatives and produce a practice specific MIPS plan designed to maximize their potential MIPS bonus, generally in less than an hour.

By answering a few questions specific to your practice, the MIPS Navigator™ will let you determine:

  1. Whether you or your practice will likely be subject to MIPS at all
  2. What the likely impact of various MIPS payment adjustments will mean to your practice
  3. Whether you should participate in an APM and the potential impact of that choice

Assuming you will likely be subject to MIPS, the MIPS Navigator™ will produce:

  1. a succinct summary of the specific things you need to consider to maximize your MIPS score in each of the 4 MIPS domains (quality, EHR use, improvement activitiy and cost efficiency);
  2. Hyperlinks (identified by blue underlined text) to the definitions and other information you may not know;
  3. a final MIPS Itinerary/Plan, based on your choices; and
  4. Information on your options for reporting your MIPS results to CMS.

MIPS Navigator™ licensees have access to the tool for the full year. Your work is stored, so you can work on your MIPS Itinerary/Plan over time. You will also be able to create an amended plan should you reconsider and decide some changes may help increase your score. Click here to buy now!

MIPS Navigator™ seamlessly integrates with the Advanced Integrated Registry™ (AIR™), a CMS Qualified Registry. For those who are looking for a Registry to handle their MIPS performance reporting, the MIPS plans you create using the MIPS Navigator™ automatically becomes your AIR™ dashboards for each MIPS category you request to have reported. And all Navigator fees are automatically credited toward your AIR™ license fees.

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Congress passed the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) to eliminate the “Sustainable Growth Rate” (SGR) and replace it with the “Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).” Congress enacted MIPS to move Medicare from paying for volume to paying for value.

Unfortunately, MIPS is extremely complex. From the standpoint of individual clinicians and their practices, there are numerous exceptions and alternatives, and the application and impact of those exceptions and alternatives will vary widely depending on practice demographics, specialty and current or proposed involvement in various Alternative Payment Models (APMs), among other things. And while MIPS may continue to be “tweaked” over the next several years, Medicare’s move to value-based payment is likely inexorable.

Moreover, particularly if you see a large number of Medicare fee-for-service patients, MIPS will have a big financial impact on your practice. MIPS fee schedule adjustments are slated to range from -9% to as much as +37%! And the performance of every clinician – converted to “star ratings” – will be published on the Physician Compare website for all your patients – and payers – to see.